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Sellers Manufacturing

Since 1931, Sellers Manufacturing Company has been a trusted name in the engineering and manufacturing of boilers and associated equipment. Their Low NOx boiler series stands out for its winning combination of competitive pricing and cutting-edge features. Unlike conventional models, Sellers boilers eliminate the need for flue gas recirculation or oxygen trim systems, and they're completely refractory-free. Explore their diverse range of Low NOx firetube boilers, available from 10 to 800HP, designed to meet the demands of low and high-pressure steam applications up to 300PSIG.​

Single Pass Boiler

The Single Pass Firetube Boiler is engineered for efficiency, reliability, and rapid steam production. With the ability to generate steam from a cold start in under 20 minutes, this Sellers boiler optimizes operations for maximum productivity. Integrated with a UL burner and boiler, it ensures seamless performance and is backed by a 20-year pressure vessel warranty and a 5-year burner warranty, guaranteeing durability and peace of mind. Experience low maintenance costs, high efficiency, and minimal environmental impact with our low NOx emissions boiler. Its compact footprint suits diverse industrial settings, while its rapid response capability ensures uninterrupted steam supply. Available in sizes ranging from 40 to 900HP, Sellers offers unmatched performance and reliability in boiler technology.

Two-Pass Boiler

 Introducing Sellers Manufacturing Company's Two Pass Firetube Boiler, the TP-S: designed to maximize space efficiency in small boiler rooms. Ideal for building or process use requiring 15 or 150 PSI steam, this compact boiler accommodates natural gas, propane gas, or both. Its short length enables installation in spaces where traditional firetube boilers may not fit. Available in a range from 20 to 125 HP, the TP-S ensures reliable steam supply without compromising on space or performance. Trust Sellers for innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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